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With a proud history dating back to the seventeenth century, this farm has been diligently restored to recapture it's 300 year old history. Nestled on the South Eastern slopes of Paarl mountain, the vineyard enjoys a superior terroir, which contributes towards captivating the delicacy and complexity of both red and white grape cultivars alike. Once certified by the ultra strict Cape Beth Din all of the wines and juices are Kosher and Kosher for Passover.

Zandwijk Wine Farm, producers of Kleine Draken Kosher Wines, will be closed on:

21 March – Friday (Public Holiday).

15 April – Tuesday (Passover)
16 April – Wednesday (Passover)
18 April – Friday (Public Holiday)
21 April – Monday (Passover & Public Holiday)
22 April – Tuesday (Passover)
28 April – Monday (Public Holiday)

1 May – Thursday (Public Holiday)

4 June – Wednesday (Shavoth)
5 June – Thursday (Shavoth)
16 June – Monday (Public Holiday).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Latest Video
19 Mar 2014
wine.co.za talks to Jean van Rooyen from Kleine Draken about their Kosher wine range
wine.co.za talks to Jean van Rooyen from Kleine Draken ...

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